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Topics related to education and instruction in the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan are the focus of this portion of our guide.

Although teaching and instruction are often used interchangeably, with teachers called instructors, and vice versa, there is a difference between teaching and instruction.

Teaching is more complex than instruction, as it involves various techniques, strategies, and approaches to facilitate learning. Teaching is also a never-ending process, with students involved in the learning process from the time they first enter school until they graduate and begin working, and even then they are learning the intricacies of their job responsibilities.

Instruction, on the other hand, simply involves giving direction. When you buy a piece of furniture from IKEA, it will come with instructions directing you on how to assemble it.

In school, teachers use both teaching and instruction, as they might instruct you on how to answer a test. Teaching and instruction go together in education, but there are times when only instruction is needed.

The focal point of this portion of our guide is on teaching, instruction, learning, and education in Rochester Hills. These may include local childcare centers, child nurseries, and preschools, whether operated by a public school district, church, or private entity, as well as public, private, or parochial K-12 schools, which may include Montessori schools, homeschooling programs, or tutoring.

Vocational schools, colleges, and universities in Rochester Hills would also be appropriate for this category, as would specialized instruction, such as driver training, or instruction in the arts, dance, drama, music, voice, or various instruments.



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