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The focal point of this portion of our guide is on manufacturing and service industries in the City of Rockford, Michigan.

Originally dependent upon the railroad and lumber industries, Rockford easily attracted other industries as lumbering declined. One of the most significant was the Hirth-Krause Company, which used the Rogue River to power a shoe factory and tannery, which were opened in 1903 and 1909, respectively. Its trademark line of shoes, Wolverine, became the name of the company. Today, Wolverine Worldwide is a publicly traded footwear manufacturer. Still based in Rockford, the company has additional corporate offices in Waltham, Massachusetts, and three distribution centers in the United States, one in Canada, and another in the Netherlands, as well as retail stores in the United States and Canada.

While Wolverine is a significant employer and taxpayer in Rockford, it is not the only industry within the city. The bulk of the city's industrial development, particularly its newer industries, is in the area between the White Pine Trail and Northland Drive in the northern portion of the city. A larger industrial area is in the northeastern portion of the city, north of Mile 11 Road and east of Northland Drive. Owned by Wolverine Worldwide, this property is partly developed for office, research, and light industrial activities, while the larger portion of this area is planned for future industrial activities for Wolverine Worldwide, and is not expected to be available for general development.

Among the industries that may be found within this category are Rockford advertising and marketing companies, web design firms, graphic design, photographic services, printing, and publishing services, as well as financial and legal services, including banks and credit unions, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, accounting services, actuaries, and financial consultants.

Construction companies and other contractors in Rockford are appropriate for this category. These may include architectural firms, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, HVAC technicians, house painters, housecleaning services, moving companies, and self-storage businesses.

Funeral homes, employment agencies, auto repair companies, event planners, and utility companies in Rockford could be listed here, and manufacturing companies in the city are especially suitable for this category.

We have elected to sort some service industries, such as health services, hospitality services, and transportation services, in separate categories, which may or may not be included within the Rockford category.



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