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Places to eat or drink in the City of Romulus, Michigan are the focus of topics in this part of our guide.

These are businesses that serve prepared food and drinks to customers, which are traditionally consumed on the premises, although many offers take-out or delivery services. Retail stores, such as grocery and liquor stores, would be listed in a Places to Shop category, however.

Generally referred to as restaurants or bars, these businesses may be known by a variety of names, which may include yogurt bars, taverns, snack bars, smorgasbords, saloons, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, public houses, nightclubs, lunchrooms, luncheonettes, lunch wagons, lunch counters, kitchens, ice cream stands, hotdog stands, hamburger stands, grills, fast-food chains, drive-in restaurants, drive-ins, dining rooms, dining halls, diners, cookhouses, coffeehouses, coffee shops, canteens, cafeterias, cafes, cabarets, buffets, bistros, bars, barrooms, bar and grilles, and others.



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