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Sawyer, Michigan is in Chikaming Township, Berrien County, in the southwestern corner of the Lower Peninsula.

Sawyer is an unincorporated community, so it does not have defined boundaries, but it's concentrated in the area of I-94 and Sawyer Road, extending west to Three Oaks Road, east to Flynn Road, and along several local streets north and south of Sawyer Road.

The United States government has defined boundaries for a census-designated place known as the Shorewood-Tower Hills-Harbert CDP, which includes the unincorporated communities of Harbert, Birchwood, Bethany Beach, Shorewood Hills, Tower Hill Shorelands, Hazelhurst, and Sawyer, most of which are within a couple of miles of one another. However, as Harward and Sawyer have their own post office addresses and identified separately from the CDP, we have elected to categorize them as separate communities.

For the purpose of categorization, we will list online resources pertaining to the north and northeast portion of the CDP in this category, while the south and southwest portions of the CDP are listed in the Harwood category. Included in this category, besides the community of Sawyer, will be Bethany Beach, Shorewood Hills, and Tower Hill Shorelands. If there should ever be enough online resources pertaining to any of the other communities in the CDP, they can be listed in their own category, as well.

West of Sawyer, Bethany Beach is a family-oriented Christian lakefront recreation area and housing development on the shore of Lake Michigan. Established in 1906, the private community offers community events for people of all ages. Bethany Beach Tabernacle handles leases and land acquisitions in the community.

Shorewood Hills was established by a group of people from Bethany Beach, who formed a syndicate to acquire a large block of land north of Bethany Beach to serve as a private community of families. Opened in 1926, the private community was originally known as Shorewood Hills Country Club. Now known simply as Shorewood Hills, it remains a private community, mostly consisting of second homes.

Situated between Shorewood Hills and Warren Dunes State Park, Tower Hill Shorelands is a small lakefront community in the far northwestern portion of the CDP, which extends into the lower part of the state park.

Sawyer had its origins as a railroad town when the Chicago & Western Michigan Railroad (Pere Marquette) built a station there. Originally known as Troy, the community took its current name in 1854, in honor of Silas Sawyer, the owner of a nearby mill. A post office was established at Sawyer on May 19, 1870, with James H. Spaulding as the first postmaster.

Although a small community, Sawyer has several restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses along Sawyer Road, east of I-94.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Sawyer include Bridgman, Three Oaks, Baroda, Stevensville, New Buffalo, Galien, Shoreham, Grand Beach, Michiana, Buchanan, Berrien Springs, St. Joseph, Benton Harbor, and Eau Claire, as well as the Indiana towns of Michiana Shores and Long Beach. Besides those already mentioned, which are part of the CDP, unincorporated communities within ten miles of Sawyer include New Troy, Turner Shores, Lakeside, Glendora, Union Pier, Livingston, Lakeview, and Gordon Beach.

The focus of this category is on the community of Sawyer, Michigan, as well as Bethany Beach, Shorewood Hills, and Tower Hill Shorelands. Businesses, industries, schools, places of worship, organization, attractions, and events in these areas are appropriate topics for this category.



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