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Situated on the southwestern shores of Gun Lake, Shelbyville, Michigan spans Wayland and Martin townships in Allegan County.

In Michigan, unincorporated communities have no legally recognized boundaries, but Shelbyville is concentrated near the intersection of Patterson Road and 124th Avenue, and would include the area around Marsh Road, which continues east along the contours of the lake. The Shelbyville post office serves the southern portion of Wayland Township, parts of northern Martin Township, a small area of eastern Hopkins Township, and parts of northeast Orangeville Township.

Cities and villages within twenty miles of Shelbyville include Martin, Wayland, Hopkins, Plainwell, Otsego, Middleville, Caledonia, Hastings, Allegan, and Richland, although the unincorporated community known as Bradley is about seven miles to the northwest, near US-131.

Like many Michigan communities, Shelbyville began as a railroad town. The Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad extended its line through Shelbyville, and opened a station there in 1870, naming the station for the first station agent, a Mr. Shelby. Originally, the community that grew up around the station was known as Shelby, but when a post office was established on May 2, 1872, it was renamed Shelbyville because there was another post office in Michigan named Shelby. Leonard M. Doxy was the first postmaster. For a time, the community was also served by an electric interurban railroad.

The Yankee Springs Recreation Area occupies a large area around the northeastern shores of the lake. The Gun River, a 15.1-mile tributary of the Kalamazoo River, begins at the outlet of Gun Lake in Shelbyville, flowing southwest through Allegan County to the Kalamazoo River, east of Otsego.

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