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The focus of this portion of our guide is on places to eat or drink in the City of South Haven, Michigan.

Commonly, these businesses are known as restaurants and bars, although they may be known by a variety of names, including bakeries, bistros, buffets, cafes, cafeterias, diners, dining rooms, drive-in restaurants, eating houses, grills, hamburger stands, hotdog stands, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, pubs, saloons, smorgasbords, taverns, or others.

Restaurants may also be known by the type of cuisine they specialize in, particularly those that serve ethnic foods, such as Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurants, Mexican restaurants, Thai restaurants, and so on.

Restaurants in South Haven, as elsewhere, may be part of a larger restaurant chain, a franchise, or independently operated.

Some businesses focus on serving drinks other than alcoholic beverages. These might include coffeehouses, coffee shops, or tearooms, although tearooms are not particularly common in the United States.

Of course, most restaurants also serve coffee and tea, just as many restaurants serve alcoholic beverages, and coffee shops and bars are likely to serve food, as well. This is why we have elected to include places to eat and drink in the same category.

Retail stores, such as grocery and liquor stores, would be listed in a Places to Shop category, however.



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