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Surrounded by Springport Township, in the northwest corner of Jackson County, the Village of Springport is about twenty miles northwest of Jackson, in the southern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

M-99 runs north-south, just west of the center of the village, and is known as Maple Street in the southern part of the village, and as Mechanic Street in the north. M-99 intersects Main Street, which is known as Landon Road when it exits the village in the west, and as Eaton Rapids Road to the east.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of Springport include Albion, Eaton Rapids, Parma, Concord, Olivet, Leslie, Charlotte, Homer, Marshall, Dimondale, Jackson, Potterville, and Bellevue, while the unincorporated communities of Clarence Center, Devereaux, Albion Landing, Charlotte Landing, Charlesworth, Duck Lake, and Rice Creek are within ten miles.

With a peak population of 800 in 2010, Springport declined by four people in 2020, when its population was 776.

Springport has a total land area of 812 acres, nearly eighty percent of which is agricultural or vacant land, which allows for a great deal of development within the village.

Accounting for just over nine-percent of the village's total land area, single-family residential uses account for most of the developed land. Public and semi-public areas make up the second largest area, followed by parks, farms, and industrial areas. Commercial businesses are scarce.

The community was first known as Oyer's Corners, for John Oyer, who founded it in 1836. On December 8, 1838, a post office was established, at which time the community was renamed for the springs in the area. Augustus F. Gaylord was the first postmaster. The Lake Shore & Michigan Railroad came through in 1876, establishing a station in Springport, and the community was incorporated as a village in 1883.

Today, the community is largely agricultural and residential, although the Springport Motor Speedway brings visitors in for short-track racing.

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