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Teaching, training, instruction, and education in the City of Sterling Heights, Michigan is the focus of this part of our web guide.

These terms are clearly related to one another, but they aren't synonymous in all contexts. Teaching and instruction are part of the process of education, with teaching being more complex than training or instruction. Instruction is a reference to a simple order or direction, while training is a technique used to develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes, usually to meet the accepted standards in an industry.

Teachers might instruct a student in how to complete a test, but the knowledge necessary to do well on the test is the product of teaching rather than instruction. Another example might be the instructions that accompany a product, giving information on how the product should be assembled or operated.

Teaching, on the other hand, is the process of educating a person in theoretical concepts that form a transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the student. Schools, colleges, and universities are engaged in teaching, although instruction and training are often a part of the process.

Training is generally vocational in nature and may take place on or off the job, including vocational or technical schools. For example, driving schools train students to drive automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, or other vehicles, although they also instruct them on the rules and regulations involved.

In other words, teaching is knowledge-based, training is skills-based, and instruction is information-based.

For the most part, the resources in this category will pertain to Sterling Heights child-care facilities, preschools, pre-kindergartens, or K-12 schools, whether public, private, or religious, as well as any vocational schools, colleges, or universities in the city. Homeschooling and tutoring programs in Sterling Heights may also be included here. Specialized instruction, such as driver training programs and those teaching art, dance, drama, music, instruments, or voice, would also be suitable for this category if they are based in Sterling Heights.



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