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Sterling Heights, Michigan is one of the core Detroit suburbs and the fourth-largest city in the state. As such, there is a lot to see and do.

The city maintains several parks, including Arlingdale Park, Avis Park, Beaver Creek Park, Ben Hadley Park, Carpathia Park, College Park, Dodge Park, Dog Park, Fairfield Park, Farmstead Park, Franklin Park, Gerald N. Donovan Park, Hampton Park, James C. Nelson Park, Joseph J. Delia Jr. Park, Kenneth Wolf Park, L.W. Baumgartner Park, Lakeside Island Park, Leroy Imus Park, Magnolia Park, Mark Sawyers Family Park, Meadowview Park, Moravian Park, North Clinton River Park, Rotary Park, South Clinton River Park, Thomas Chappelle Park, and Washington Square Park. Additionally, the city has a 1.25-acre dog park.

The city is home to more than fifteen miles of dedicated non-motorized trails through its park system, including the Clinton River Trail, which follows the course of the Clinton River, passing through several other city parks along the way, and its Nature Trail, which runs from Delia Park to the Troy Beaumont Hospital Campus along the Plumbrook/Gibson Drain.

The Nature Center features still life exhibits and a variety of living reptiles and amphibians, including a 900-gallon aquarium.

Other recreational or entertainment facilities operated by the city include the Sterling Heights Skate Park, the Dodge Park Ice Rink, and the Dodge Park Splash Pad. Residents and visitors also enjoy canoeing or kayaking the Clinton River.

The annual Music in the Park event is held at the Dodge Park Amphitheatre, with parking available in several nearby locations.

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