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The Village of Stockbridge is in southeast Stockbridge Township, in the southeastern corner of Ingham County, Michigan.

M-52 joins M-106 just south of Stockbridge, and the two highways run together into the village center, where M-106 turns east and M-52 turns west before heading north out of town. Other routes to and from the village include Brogan Road, Green Road, and Morton Road.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of Stockbridge include Ingham, Pinckney, Chelsea, Leslie, Grass Lake, Webberville, Dexter, Williamston, Mason, Fowlerville, Jackson, and Howell, while the unincorporated communities of Williamsville, Gregory, Fitchburg, Munith, Unadilla, Lyndon Center, Kaiserville, Bullis Crossing, Plainfield, and Waterloo are within ten miles.

Stockbridge first appears on the US census in 1880 with a population of 160. Since then, its population has risen and dropped, but mostly risen, to a population of 1,244 in 2020. Its peak population was 1,260 in 2000.

The first European-American settlers in the area that was to become Stockbridge were Elijah Smith and Herman Lowe, who came in 1835. Mr. Smith platted a village site, which he planned to name Pekin, for his New York hometown. Before he registered the plat, Silas Beebe bought him out in 1838. Along with Ira Beebe, he added twenty acres to the original 80-acre plat, and replatted it as Stockbridge, for the township.

Reportedly, Mr. Beebe was interested in buying the land because he believed the railroad was about to come through, and Mr. Smith was willing to sell it because he didn't believe the railroad was coming. Both were partially right because the railroad didn't come through until 1883, and the village was incorporated in 1889.

In the 1930s, several farm families from Kentucky migrated to Stockbridge to grow vegetables, and many of these people have remained in the area.

Stockbridge was never a large town but, at one time, the community supported several businesses, including clothing and department stores, a hospital, a 24-hour German restaurant, a deli, a bakery, and a lumber yard, as well as several farms within and in the area around the town.

The Grand Trunk Western Railroad opened a station in Stockbridge, along its Jackson branch line, which was abandoned in the late 1970s. While it was in operation, the train carried passengers and freight.

Elijah Meyers, who designed the Stockbridge Village Hall, also designed several capital buildings, including the State Capital building in Lansing. Constructed in 1892, the Village Hall is still in use today.

Telephone service came to Stockbridge in the 1890s with the installation of a pay phone in the W.E. Brown Store on East Main Street. The Rural Telephone Company was formed in 1931, although full availability didn't come about until the early 1950s.

Electricity became available in Stockbridge in 1910, although it was originally available only in the business district, and was shut off in the evening. By 1912, availability was more widespread and 24-hour service was added.

The Stockbridge Water Department was formed in 1912, getting its water from three deep wells and a water tower behind the village offices. A new tower has since been built at Memorial Park. A sewer system was not completed until 1966.

Today, Stockbridge remains a small village, largely residential, with only a few commercial or industrial concerns. Most Stockbridge residents commute to work in nearby larger employment centers.

Police protection and law enforcement is provided by the Stockbridge Police Department, while the Stockbridge Area Emergency Services Authority provides fire and ambulance services to Stockbridge, Bunker Hill, Waterloo, and White Oak townships, with ambulances housed at the Stockbridge Township Hall.

The village maintains one municipal park. Known as Veteran's Memorial Park, it has playground equipment, a portable skating rink, volleyball and basketball courts, a skateboard ramp, two pavilions, and restroom facilities.

The Stockbridge Community School District provides PK-12 educational services through Emma Smith Elementary School, Heritage Elementary School, Stockbridge Middle School, and Stockbridge High School.

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