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The Village of Sunfield, Michigan is in Sunfield Township, in the northwestern corner of Eaton County, in the south-central part of the Lower Peninsula.

Sunfield is the only incorporated municipality inside the township.

The chief routes to and from Sunfield include M-43 (Grand Ledge Highway), which forms most of the village's southern border, and intersects Sunfield Road (1st Street) in the south-central portion of the village.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of Sunfield include Mulliken, Lake Odessa, Woodland, Vermontville, Portland, Grand Ledge, Nashville, Charlotte, Freeport, Lyons, Clarksville, Potterville, Ionia, Muir, Westphalia, Hastings, Saranac, Dimondale, and Pewamo, while the unincorporated communities of Shaytown, Woodbury, Little Venice, and Sebewa are within ten miles.

First appearing on a US census roll in 1900 with a population of 451, Sunfield's peak population was 626 in 1960. It has declined during four out of the past six decades, for a population of 518 in 2020.

Today, Sunfield is a small village with few industries or commercial concerns, largely serving its own population and passersby on the state highway, but it has never been a large town.

The community was settled by European-Americans around 1836, and was incorporated as a village in 1899, named for the township which was organized in 1842. The village was on the Pere Marquette (CSX) Railroad line from Lansing to Grand Rapids.

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