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The focus of this section of our web guide is on manufacturing and service industries in Taylor, Michigan.

Economic activities are often divided into two broad categories - goods and services. Goods-producing industries include agriculture, lumbering, mining, construction, and manufacturing, although these may provide services as well.

Service industries account for pretty much everything else, although we have opted to separate certain service industries into separate categories, such as retail, real estate, and healthcare, as well as others.

Manufacturing companies in Taylor are clearly appropriate for this category, regardless of the size of the company or the nature of the product. Agricultural, mining, and construction companies in Taylor could also be listed here, if there are any.

Other contractors, such as electricians, HVAC services, plumbers, landscapers, architects, housepainters, housecleaning services, and moving companies in Taylor would also be suitable for this portion of our guide.

Website representing Taylor attorneys and law firms, along with funeral homes, banks, credit unions, actuaries, accounting firms, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and financial consultants would be at home here, as would business consulting companies, web designers, marine services, event planners, and employment agencies.

If you're unsure as to whether your site belongs here or in another category, please submit it to the category that seems best to you, as we can easily move it to a more appropriate category, if necessary.



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