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Attractions and events in Taylor, Michigan are the focus of this portion of our web guide.

Taylor has a great deal to offer residents, tourists, and other visitors.

Much of what Taylor has to offer can be found in one place - Heritage Park. Operated by the Taylor Parks System, Heritage Park includes a baseball and softball diamond, a soccer field, a fishing pond, hiking trails, a petting zoo, and a playground. Heritage Park is home to the Taylor South Little League, the Junior League World Series, and the Taylor Soccer Club.

Heritage Park is home to several original and replicas of historic buildings.

The Greenwald-Herkimer Home was built on eighty acres of land near the intersection of Pardee and Eureka Roads, on which Frank and Anna Greenwald raised three daughters and grew hay, potatoes, corn, and wheat. In 1988, the farmhouse was moved to Heritage Park and restored to its original state.

Located at its original site, the Sell-Schonsheck Home was built in 1909 on forty acres which are now part of Heritage Park. In 1984, the city acquired the property and renovated it.

The Fred and Clara Knope Farmhouse was originally located on Beech Daly, just south of Northline Road, and was a productive farm from the mid-1920s to 1990, when the city purchased the property, moving it to Heritage Park in 2000.

The oldest existing home in Taylor is the Log Cabin. Built around 1850, it was used as a hunting cabin until Andrew and Elizabeth Strong moved into the building in 1858, raising seven of their ten children there. Later, it was converted into a two-story home. Donated to the city in 1985, the building was moved to Heritage Park.

Originally attached to St. John's Lutheran Church, Taylor Heritage School was donated to the city in 1988. In 1993, the building was restored by the Taylor Historical Society and moved to Heritage Park, where it is used by the local school district, allowing children to experience the way that schools used to be.

Other historical buildings in Heritage Park include the Water Mill, West Mound Church, and the Train Station.

Historical buildings, museums, art galleries, libraries, and theaters in Taylor are appropriate for this category, along with recreational and sports facilities, teams, and programs, parks, trails, local concerts, festivals, and other events.



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