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The Village of Tekonsha, Michigan is in southern Calhoun County, in the south-central part of the Lower Peninsula.

Tekonsha is in two parts. The main part of the village is east of, but not including, I-69, with the St. Joseph River or one of its branches roughly forming its southern boundaries. Tekonsha Creek flows into the river just south of the village.

The second part of the village is to the north, connected to the main part of the village by US-27 (Main Street). M-60 intersects US-27 in the upper part of the village.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of Tekonsha include Burlington, Union City, Homer, Coldwater, Marshall, Athens, Quincy, Litchfield, Sherwood, Concord, Albion, Allen, Bronson, Colon, Olivet, and Jonesville.

Tekonsha first appeared on a US census roll in 1880 with a population of 497. Since then, the village. has experienced periods of decline and periods of increase. Its peak population was 755 in 1980, and its population, as of the 2020 census, was 653.

The first European-American landowner in the area was Darius Pierce, who acquired land here in 1832. He sold his property to Timothy Kimball, who moved to the area and built a log cabin in 1833. The village site was platted by Charles D. Smith, Harris C. Goodrich, and Cornelius Wendell in 1836.

A post office was established as Wirt on February 15, 1836, with Mr. Goodrich as postmaster, but the office was renamed Tekonsha on June 17, 1836, taking its name for a local Pottawatomi, Chief Tekon-qua-sha. When the Michigan Central Railroad came through in 1871, the railroad established a station in Tekonsha, and Tekonsha was incorporated as a village in 1877.

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