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The focal point of this portion of our guide is on people, artists, organizations, and issues related to the City of Troy, Michigan.

Websites representing or focused on artists, illustrators, musicians, sculptors, painters, and artisans residing in, or specifically related to, the city may be listed in this category. Websites focused on other prominent Troy residents, such as actors, directors, radio and television personalities, broadcasters, politicians, and others might be found here. In fact, websites representing anyone who resides in Troy can be listed here, regardless of their prominence.

While professional or business organizations would be more appropriately placed in a business category, and sports organizations can be listed in a sports category, such as Things to Do & Places to Go, fraternal of youth organizations, like Troy Lions Club chapters or local Boy Scout troops, would be appropriate in this category.

Websites for local political or issue organizations might be found here, along with local memorial sites.



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