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Manufacturing and service industries in the City of Troy, Michigan are the focus of topics represented in this part of our web guide.

Industry is a significant component of Troy's economy, and a major employer. Manufacturing companies of any size, from large industrial corporations to one-man operations, are appropriate for this category, as long as they are headquartered or have facilities in Troy.

Manufacturing companies are those that produce a tangible product, usually one that can be inventoried and stored prior to being sold to consumers, usually through a retail company. However, construction companies may also be considered manufacturing in nature, as they may produce homes and other structures, although they also provide a variety of services.

Service industries differ from manufacturing in that they provide a service rather than producing a product, and services are not things that can be so easily stocked or priced. In most cases, services are paid for by the hour or, in some cases, under contract, or by the job. As services are heterogenous, they are rooted in social and cultural transactions.

Service industries include the distribution of goods, financial services, legal services, funeral services, utilities, advertising and marketing, and various professional and business services, such as consultancies.

For the purpose of categorization, we have elected to include some service industries in separate categories, where applicable. For example, health services would be listed in a Health & Public Safety subcategory, if one exists, and transportation services might be listed in a category known as Getting From Here to There, retail services in Places to Shop, and recreational and entertainment services in Things to Do & Places to Go. When these subcategories have not been created, sites representing these topics can be submitted to the main Troy category.



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