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Situated in south-central Richland Township, in northeastern Montcalm County, Vestaburg, Michigan is an unincorporated community.

In Michigan, unincorporated communities don't have established boundaries, but Vestaburg is a couple of miles south of M-46, and southwest of the intersection of North Crystal Road and Vestaburg Road. Although Bass Lake is west of the central population area, although the lakeside residences along the eastern shores of the lake would also be considered part of Vestaburg. Other routes to and from the community include Derry Road (5th Street) and Deaner Road.

Cities and villages within twenty-five miles of Vestaburg include Edmore, McBride, Alma, St. Louis, Stanton, Carson City, Shepherd, Lakeview, Mt. Pleasant, Lake Isabella, Sheridan, Breckenridge, Ithaca, and Hubbardston, while the unincorporated communities of Cedar Lake, Riverdale, Winn, and Elwell are within ten miles.

The first settler in the Vestaburg area was Charles Deaner, who came in 1860, but George W. O'Donnell is acknowledged as its founder. He came in 1874, platted a village site in 1875, and became the first postmaster of Vestaburg on September 14, 1875. The village and post office were named for O'Donnell's wife, Vesta Burgess O'Donnell.

Although the post office was closed on November 30, 1877, it was restored on January 2, 1878, and has been in operation since, serving most of Richland Township, a large part of Ferris Township, and small portions of Home Township and Day Township.

The Pere Marquette Railroad came through the community and opened a station in Vestaburg around 1875. The Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway, and the Detroit, Saginaw and Canada Railroad also served the Vestaburg community.

Built around 1874, the original main street of Vestaburg was arranged around the street, later named Avenue D, that led south from the depot. West of the depot, there was a stockyard, and a railroad spur ran north to the Pine River. There were several small buildings, including an Odd Fellows Hall, along the tracks.

Coals from a train started a fire in 1893, burning down this portion of the village, including the Odd Fellows Hall. The business district was rebuilt southeast of the original location, running south from the tracks along Avenue B. The current post office is in this location.

According to the original village plat, the important streets were supposed to run north and south. However, its main street (3rd Street) ended up running east and west from Chippewa Street to what is now Caris Road. On historical maps, the main street was called 3rd Street.

Some early businesses included the Alger & Starkweather Shingle Mill, which occupied a full block in 1875. Later, it was acquired and operated by George Palmer, but it burned. Also in 1875, William Starkweather operated a grocery and dry goods store, and the J.W. Robinson Store was opened by James W. Robinson in 1879, who sold shingles and dry goods to surrounding lumber camps. In 1890, the Benjamin Hart Grocery Store was built by William Starkweather. Owens Drug Store operated from 1886 to 1890, when it burned. Other stores opened before 1900 include the William Caris Mercantile Company, the Harrington Racket Store, the Winchell Store and Post Office, and the Walker General Store.

Opened in 1885, the Button House Hotel was owned by C.A. Button. It burned but was soon rebuilt. In the early 1900s, George and Gertrude Reed bought the hotel, which became known as the Reed House.

In 1958, Bert B. Thorp demolished to old Caris store and build a brick building that housed the new post office, which was dedicated in 1959.

Today, there are few businesses in Vestaburg, which serves mainly as a bedroom community. Any businesses, industries, schools, churches, organizations, attractions, events, and recreational opportunities in Vestaburg are appropriate for this category, which focuses on Vestaburg. Michigan.


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