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Manufacturing and service industries in the City of Walled Lake, Michigan are the focus of this category.

With a population of under seven thousand, Walled Lake is not a large city, but it is part of the Detroit Metro Region. It's bordered by the much larger city of Novi to the south, and Wolverine Lake to the north. There are two distinct industrial areas in Walled Lake. One of these is located along Ladd Road, and north of West Maple Road, although this area has recently become home to religious and educational institutions, as well. The older industrial district is north of East West Maple Road and the former Coe Railroad. Once served by the railroad, the railway is soon to become a regional trailway, which is expected to diminish industrial activity. Additionally, light industry can be found in other areas of the city, particularly on its western border with Commerce Township.

Besides manufacturing, service businesses within the city would be appropriate for this portion of our web guide. Generally, the difference between manufacturing and service industries is that the former produces a tangible product that can be inventoried, warehoused, and sold to end-users, usually through a retailer, although some manufacturers may market their products directly to consumers.

Others, such as builders and construction companies, may offer both a product and a service. Businesses that specialize in repair services, such as auto repair shops, auto-body shops, and computer repair shops, could be listed here if located in Walled Lake. Local banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, accounting firms, financial consulting firms, and other businesses offering financial services would be suitable for this category, as would funeral homes, law firms, and contractors.

Web designers, graphic designers, photography services, printers, and publishers in Walled Lake could be listed here, along with moving and storage companies, utilities, and other manufacturing or service industries.



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