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The focus of this guide is on statewide information or programs relating to health, wellness, and public safety in Michigan.

This may include statewide health and wellness programs, or those with multiple locations in Michigan, as well as emergency medical services or other types of prehospital care, fire suppression, and police services or programs with locations in several counties. This category is not only for websites representing programs and services but for informational sites as well.

Healthcare in Michigan, as anywhere else in the United States, involves a web of laws, rules, and regulations for managing the state's healthcare system, which consists of services provided by medical professionals in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental and physical illness and injury.

The healthcare industry in Michigan covers a wide range of programs and services that include, but are not limited to, hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices, as well as other medical, dental, and mental health practice activities, wellness programs, and veterinary care.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are the place where healthcare, public health, and public safety come together. These are the people who transport the ill and injured to the hospital and provide other prehospital services. EMS companies may be private, operated by a hospital system, through a fire department, or under the jurisdiction of a township, village, county, or other public entity.

In addition to putting out fires, fire departments are often involved in the provision of emergency medical services, as mentioned above, and they often provide fire prevention services, respond to hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters, and other non-fire emergencies, such as automobile accidents. They may also be involved in fire investigations.

The duties of a law enforcement agency are generally divided into four areas: keeping the peace, combating crime and apprehending violators, preventing crime, and providing various forms of social services.

For the purposes of categorization, websites representing programs or services that are constrained to a local area, such as a village, township, city, or county, should be listed in the category that represents the village or city where the services are physically located or headquartered. Those with statewide jurisdiction or with locations in multiple cities may be listed here, as well as in the category or categories representing their location.

Regulatory agencies, professional associations, or other organizations or entities responsible for regulating or otherwise serving health, wellness, and public safety entities would also be appropriate here.



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