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The focus of this category may include a range of topics relating to people, organizations, artists of various types, and issues relating to Michigan.

Authors, cartoonists, illustrators, musicians, painters, sculptors, and artisans of statewide renown may be represented in this category, while local artists will be listed in the Cities & Towns category that represents their hometown or current residence. Websites whose topics are concentrated on other prominent Michigan people may also be listed here. These may include actors and directors, radio and television personalities, broadcasters, politicians, and others.

While professional or business organizations would be more appropriately placed in a business category, and sports organizations can be placed in a sports category, and so on, fraternal or youth organizations, such as Lions Club International or the Boy Scouts of America, would be appropriate in this category, although local organizations should be listed in the Cities & Towns category representing the location of the organization. State chapters or regional chapters representing more than one locality should be listed here.

Political organizations, such as the Democrat Party of Michigan or the Michigan Conservative Coalition, are appropriate for this category, as would be those formed to advance various political causes, agendas, or issues of statewide interest.

Other topics that may be represented here may include statewide memorial sites, such as those commemorating fallen soldiers or those recognizing victims of one tragedy or another.



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