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The goal for this category is to serve as a guide to short-term places to stay in Michigan.

Places to stay may include hotels, motels, guest inns, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, timeshares, RV parks, campgrounds, and other temporary guest lodging facilities within the state, but not including long-term home, apartment, or condominium rentals, which would be listed under Property Sales & Rentals.

Additionally, specific places to stay would be listed in the Cities & Towns category representing the geographic location of the hotel, motel, guest inn, or whatever.

For the most part, this category will include directories of hotels, bed and breakfasts, or campgrounds, hotel associations, or similar organizations or sites representing multiple places to stay within the state. Websites representing multiple short-term rental properties within the state may also be listed here.

For example, the site, West Michigan Stays, represents short-term rental cottages in West Michigan. Although not statewide in nature, the site currently lists properties in the Silver Lake region, which includes the localities of Holland, Mears, and Pentwater. Thus, this site may be listed here, and the specific pages of the site representing properties in these individual communities may also be listed in the Cities & Towns categories that correspond to these localities.

On the other hand, another site, Michigan's Paradise, currently lists five hotels or motels, but each of them is in the unincorporated community of Paradise, Michigan. If a Cities & Towns category exists for Paradise, this site will be listed in that category, instead. Otherwise, it may be submitted here.

Stay On The Lake is a website specializing in waterfront vacation lodging in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. As it includes lodging facilities in several localities and would be an ideal candidate for this category.

The Michigan Bed and Breakfast Association, the Bed and Breakfast Association of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and the Southern Michigan Bed & Breakfast Association include listings for member sites in multiple Michigan localities and would be appropriate for this category, as would the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association. However, the latter does not appear to include a list of member lodging facilities.

Other websites focus on overnight camping facilities and campgrounds, for tent or recreational vehicle campers, and these may be represented here, as well. These include Camping in Michigan, which includes a campground map and a list of campgrounds throughout the state, as well as the MARVAC site, which features information about Michigan RV and campgrounds, publishing a travel guide of RV campgrounds, parks, dealers, and service providers, available online or in print.

Niche directories focusing on Michigan hotels, motels, guest inns, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, timeshares, RV parks, or campgrounds may also be found here.

For information about places to stay in specific Michigan locations, view our Cities & Towns categories to see if the location you're looking for is included there. That is probably you are most likely to find listings for specific hotels, motels, and so on.



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