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The focus of this category is on service industries that operate statewide or in large portions of the state, and on industries with multiple locations in Michigan.

This may include attorneys and other legal services that practice throughout the state, particularly those with offices in two or more cities or villages within the state. Professional associations for the legal professions are also appropriate for this category, or the appropriate subcategory.

Other services that would be suitable for this category include advertising and marketing, photography, and event planners, as well as various types of repair services, such as automotive and computer repair services. Professional services used in the home and garden, including electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians, landscapers, house painters, interior designers, and home maintenance services could be listed here.

Various financial services may be represented here. These may include banks, savings and loan companies, credit unions, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, accountants, actuaries, and financial consultants, among others.

Utilities and telecommunications companies, such as those installing cable television services, telephone services, and Internet service providers, as well as electric, gas, propane, and water services, although the retail sale of gas, propane, or water would fall under the Places to Shop category, or the category representing the city or village in which the retail business is located.

Farms and plant nurseries may be listed here, along with construction companies, manufacturing industries, and publishing or printing companies.

Unless a more specific category is available, sites representing services or industries within the state of Michigan may be listed in this category, except that local companies should be listed in the category representing the city or village that they are geographically located in. Although real estate is an important industry, the Property Sales & Rentals category would be more specific, so those topics would be listed in that category rather than in this one.

The same is true of the hospitality industry. While representing a significant portion of Michigan's economy, the hotel, motel, and resort industries would more accurately be represented in the Places to Stay category, while most restaurants could be found in the Cities & Towns category representing their geographic location.

Although Michigan is generally viewed as one of the country's strongest industrial centers, the tourism industry represents the larger portion of the state's annual revenue. The industries with the highest employment rates in the state are its manufacturing, agriculture, information, and health industries.

Despite a steady decline in the number of Michigan farmers and the percentage of its land that is tilled, agriculture remains an important aspect of Michigan's economy. However, given more efficient methods of soil usage, high yield seed, and modern equipment, the agriculture industry accounts for only about two percent of the state's total employment, and the employment numbers are largely in its food processing sectors.

Important Michigan crops include cherries, blueberries, apples, grapes, and peaches, most of which are grown in the west and northwestern parts of the Lower Peninsula. Michigan is the third-largest grower of Christmas trees in the country, with more than 60,000 acres dedicated to the industry.

Nearly two hundred large companies and subsidiaries are headquartered in Michigan, with others having a large presence in the state. These include General Motors, Ford Motors, Dow Chemical, Whirlpool, and Kellogg. The state's top exports include automobiles, automotive parts, plastics, natural gas, civilian aircraft, silicones, and batteries.

For the most part, this category is reserved for corporate websites of industries and services that have a large presence within the state, state-level professional associations, and other industries and services that have multiple locations within the state, or which provide services statewide. Companies whose websites are listed in this category may also be listed in Cities & Towns category representing the city or village that the company is physically located in.


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