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The focus of this category is on attractions in Michigan.

Touching on four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan has a 3.228-mile shoreline peppered with maritime museums and historic lighthouses, a 3.78 square-mile island on which cars are not allowed, a 5-mile suspension bridge connecting its two peninsulas, and numerous other attractions, including race tracks, roller coasters, water parks, zoos, aquariums, as well as historic forts, museums, and Native American attractions.

Michigan includes five national parks, including Isle Royale National Park, the least visited in the continental United States, while the Detroit Institute of Arts operates one of the top ten museums in the country.

Michigan's Adventure, the state's largest amusement park, began as a petting zoo in 1956. The first ride was installed two years after the park opened. In 1968, a new owner sold off the animals began adding attractions to the park, including live shows.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources manages more than a hundred state parks, as well as sixteen state harbors on the Great Lakes. The DNR also operates nearly seven hundred and fifty boat launches on 57,000 acres of designated public water access sites, and a hundred and thirty-eight state forest campgrounds, some for equestrian use, and oversees the state's trail system.

Michigan is home to four major-league professional sports teams, all of which are located in the Detroit metropolitan area. These are the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Lions, the Detroit Red Wings, and the Detroit Pistons.

The state also hosts a number of minor league sports teams. Included are ten collegiate or minor league baseball teams, thirteen professional basketball teams, four hockey teams, a professional indoor football team, and two teams playing in the Women's Football Alliance. There are eight soccer teams, six roller derby teams, four roller hockey teams, and several ice hockey teams.

Although many of them are local or county affairs, several festivals, fairs, and other events are held throughout the state each year, including seasonal affairs heralding Michigan's distinct spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.

Statewide sports associations and regulatory bodies for attractions and events in Michigan are also appropriate for this category.

While the focus of this category is on things to do and places to go in Michigan, those that are purely local should be listed in the Cities & Towns category that represents the geographic location. Others, including those with multiple locations or statewide impact, such as the state's professional sports teams, may be listed here as well as in the category representing their home location.



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