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Afton, Minnesota is situated in a bay where Valley Creek empties into the St. Croix River, a few miles north of its confluence with the Mississippi River. The Washington County city is in the eastern part of the state, and is known for Afton Alps, a ski and snowboard area, as well as Afton State Park. North of Afton are St. Mary’s Point, Lake St. Croix Beach, Lakeland Shores, and Lakeland. Afton State Park is to the south. St. Paul, Minnesota is about twenty miles west of Afton. The community was settled in 1837, originally by Gaspare Bruce, a French-Canadian who staked a claim on 160 acres near Bolles Creek. Others came over the next few years. In 1845, Lemuel Bolles established a grist mill, which became known as Milton Mills. Bolles became the first postmaster in 1852. The town was platted in 1855, and named for Sweet Afton, a poem by Robert Burns. That year, a school was established, and several new business soon opened in the area now known as the “Historic Village.” In 1857, the mill was improved, and a blacksmith shop and machine shop were built in a nearby village that came to be known as Valley Creek, which soon had a corn and feed mill, a flour mill, and a post office in 1874. Another early settlement was South Afton, located on Lake St. Croix, about one mile south of Afton Village. In 1971, Valley Creek and South Afton were incorporated into the City of Afton.



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