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Located in Wright County, Minnesota, the city of Annandale has twenty-six lakes within a ten-mile radius, the larger, nearer lakes being Clearwater Lake, Pleasant Lake, Cedar Lake, and Lake John. The town was platted in 1886, a post office was established in 1887, and Annandale was incorporated in 1888, and named for Annan, Scotland. Before the Dakota and the Ojibway, the area was inhabited by the Mound Builders, but the Dakotas were living in the area when Europeans began moving to the region. Treaties were made, but not honored by the white settlers and, by the time of the Civil War, the Indians had been largely removed from the area. The town’s population was boosted greatly with the construction of the Minneapolis and Pacific Railroad, which later became the Soo Line, and passenger trains served the city until the 1960s, by which time it had been supplanted by the highway system. Minnesota Highway 24 and Minnesota Highway 55 ass through the city. Because of the several lakes surrounding the town, Annandale is known as the Heart of the Lakes, and was already a popular resort area by the 1900s. By the 1990s, most of the resorts were closed, as seasonal vacationers preferred to own cabins rather than stay at resorts, and many of these cabins are now year-round residences. Nearby communities include Albion Center, Albright, Buffalo, Enfield, Forest City, French Lake, Hasty, Kimball, Kingston, Knapp, Maple Lake, Rassat, Silver Creek, South Haven, Watkins, and West Albion.



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