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Aurora, Minnesota is in Saint Louis Country. Accessed through County Highways 100 and 110, and Minnesota Highway 135, Aurora is on the Mesabi Range of northeastern Minnesota, on the edge of the Superior National Forest. Nearby communities include Biwabik, Hoyt Lakes, and McKinley. Duluth, Minnesota is about sixty miles south, andd Grand Rapids is seventy-five miles southwest of Aurora. Laid out in 1898, the city was incorporated in 1903, the year a post office was established there. The community began near the Meadow Mine, and was known as the Meadow location prior to its incorporation. The Meadow Mine was one of the first to be explored in White Township. By one account, it was explored in 1898 by David Adams and Neil McInnes, although another account attributes its discovery to Marvin Van Buskirk. The Fowler Mine adjoins the Meadow, and several other mines were operated in the area. By one account, the town was known as Nolander for a brief time before taking the name of Aurora. Within one year of its incorporation, the trading and residential center of the town was moved a mile southward, to have access to the Duluth and Iron Range Railway, although the original location remained within the town limits.



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