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Situated along the St. Croix River, one mile south of Stillwater, the city of Bayport is in Washington County, Minnesota, on the Wisconsin border. Across the river and to the south are North Hudson and Hudson, Wisconsin. Oak Park Heights, Minnesota is northwest of Bayport, Lakeland and Lakeland Shores are south, and Lake Elmo is to the west. The community began when three small settlements along the river combined to form South Stillwater in 1873, which was incorporated as a village in 1881, changing its name to Bayport in 1922. In 1856, Stillwater lumbermen Socrates Nelson and David Loomis platted Baytown, which was organized around their sawmill. The next year, another group of investors, including Isaac Staples and Andrew Short, platted Bangor on the lakeshore south of Baytown, and William Holcombe platted Middletown to the north. The St. Croix Railway Improvement Company combined the three settlements into South Stillwater, but this caused some confusion with the city of Stillwater, so it was changed to Bayport. Several sawmills were established in Bayport, along with a flour mill, a threshing machine company, a furniture factory, a box company, a soap factory, and several printing houses. Later, boat building became a significant aspect of the town’s economy. The railroad came to Bayport in 1872, and Bayport was incorporated as a city in 1974.



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