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Buckman is in Morrison County, Minnesota. The small city is in the central part of the state. Minnesota Highway 25 and County Road 34 are the chief routes through the community. The first recorded settler was Joseph Mischke, who came to farm in 1871. Others soon followed, including Clarence B. Buckman, for whom the resulting settlement was named. Buckman built a large farm, later serving two terms as a state legislator, as a US Representative, and as a US Deputy Marshall. Named for him, Buckman Township was formed in 1874. A parochial school was opened there in 1887, as a ministry of St. Michael’s Church, operating until 1990, its building demolished in 2012. The city’s public schools were closed several years ago, and its students are bused to nearby Pierz. Other nearby localities include Brennyville, Genola, Gilman, Gregory, Jakesville, Lastrup, Little Rock, Morrill, North Benton, North Prairie, Ramey, Rice, Royalton, and Vawter. Little Falls is about eighteen miles west, and St. Cloud is about thirty miles south of Buckman. Never having a population as high as three hundred, Buckman went through a period of population decline between 1930 and 1970, but its population has been growing since.



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