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Situated along the Rum River and the BNSF Railway, at the junction of Minnesota Highways 65 and 95, the city of Cambridge, Minnesota is the county seat of Isanti County. Founded as a railroad town in the late 1800s, the community was originally populated by people from New England who descended from the English Puritans, although the area was soon to be populated primarily by people of Swedish, Norwegian, German and Irish descent. Cambridge is known today to have the highest percentage of Swedish Americans of any city in the country with a population of more than five thousand. Cambridge was incorporated in 1876. Nearby communities include Blomford, Bodum, Bradford, Branch, Edgewood, Grandy, Harris, Isanti, North Branch, Oxlip, Pine Brook, Stanley, Spring Lake, Springvale, Stanchfield, Weber, and Wyanett. St. Clound, Minnesota is about fifty miles west, and Minneapolis is about fifty miles south of Cambridge. Cambridge Township was established in 1869, and is a separate governmental body whose areas were often referred to as West Cambridge, North Cambridge, and East Cambridge. Sites related to either the township or the city are appropriate for this category.


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