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Situated in the Chisago Lakes region of lower central Chisago County, in eastern Minnesota, Chisago City is about thirty-five miles northeast of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, between the twin lakes of Chisago Lake and Green Lake. US Highway 8 is the chief route to and from the city. Other nearby communities include Center City and Lindstrom to the northeast, plus Columbus, Forest Lake, Franconia, Linwood, Martin Lake, Palmdale, Scandia, Shafer, Stacy, and Wyoming, as well as the Wisconsin towns of Dresser, East Farmington, Osceola, and St. Croix Falls. Given the several lakes in the region, Chisago City and the surrounding region has long been a vacation resort destination for Twin City residents. Originally however, the community was settled primarily be Swedish immigrants who had traveled north up the Saint Croix River, but the construction of the railroad in 1880 provided easy access to Chisago City, Lindstrom and Center City.


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