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Cosmos Township was organized in 1870, and named for the Greek word meaning “order” and “harmony” by one of its first settlers, Daniel Hoyt, who came in 1864 and surveyed the township, later serving as the first township clerk. Hoyt died during a blizzard not long after his arrival. Although Hoyt had envisioned the town becoming a university town, its first settlers came to farm the land, buying 160-acre plots from the government at $1.25 an acre. The city was first incorporated as a village in 1926, a few years after a railroad station was built there, serving several rail lines, including the Minnesota and Western Railroad. The railroad helped to build up the town’s business district, which was largely concentrated along the railroad. Cosmos became a city in 1969. Never a large town, Cosmos hosts a Space Festival each summer to commemorate the first moon walk. Its main street has been renamed Milky Way Street, and its east-west avenues are named for constellations, while its north-south streets are named for planets. The city is situated along the South Fork of the Crow River, and Minnesota State Highways 4 and 7 are the chief routes through the city. Thompson Lake is just west of the city. Nearby communities include Corvuso, just east of Cosmos, as well as Cedar Mills, Greenleaf, Lake Lillian, Lakeside, and Rosendale. The population of Cosmos has been in a decline since its peak population of 610 in 1990. Topics related to either the township or the city are appropriate for this category.



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