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East Bethel, Minnesota is in northern Anoka County. The primary routes through the city are Minnesota Highway 65, which runs north-south, and County Road 22, running east-west. Surrounding communities include Bethel, Linwood, Oak Grove, St. Francis, and Soderville. Minneapolis is about thirty miles south of East Bethel. Until 1837, the area was in the hands of the Chippewa. White settlers began arriving in the 1850s, and the community was incorporated as a township in 1858. The first settlers in Bethel were Quakers, who established a church and school, but left after the Indian Massacre of 1862 and did not return. Other settlers took their place, establishing farms and stores. In 1957, a vote was taken to incorporate as a village, a matter that was later decided by the state supreme court, and later the state legislature. East Bethel was incorporated as a village in 1959, and became a city in 1974. The city has seen continuous population growth since 1960.



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