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Greenfield is in Hennepin County, along the Crow River, which divides Hennepin County and Wright County in lower eastern Minnesota. The main route through the city is Minnesota Highway 55. Nearby communities include Buffalo, Corcoran, Hanover, Loretto, Maple Grove, and Rockford. Greenfield is about twenty-five miles west-northwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Before incorporating as a city in 1958, Greenfield was known as Greenwood Township, taking its name from the town of Greenwood in the southwest corner of the township. Greenwood failed as a town, but another area near Lake Minnetonka incorporated as Greenwood in 1956, so when Greenwood Township incorporated as a city, it could not use the name of Greenwood, so it became Greenfield. The city’s population has increased each census year since it was first recorded in 1960.



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