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Bordered by North Dakota on the west, the city of Halstad is in Norman County, Minnesota. The main routes through the city are US Route 75 and Minnesota Highway 200. Nearby communities include Shelly to the north and Hendrum to the south, as well as Lockhart. Hadler, and Ada. At the western edge of town, 3rd Street crosses the Red River of the North into North Dakota. Across the river, the North Dakota communities of Caledonia, Hillsboro, and Grandin are also nearby. Organized in 1879 as Halstad Township, the community was named for Ole Halstad, a Norwegian immigrant who was an early settler and storekeeper. The townsite was platted in 1883, and incorporated as a village in 1893. Halstad hosted a station of the Great Northern Railway, which helped local farmers get their harvest to market, and a later expansion of the railroad allowed for passenger transport. The first church in Halstad was a Methodist Church established in 1889, and a Lutheran Church was formed in 1892. The Red River of the North flooded badly in 1997, and Halstad was one of the few towns along the river to have escaped, thanks to dikes that had been constructed around the town in the 1960s. Halstad has never been a large town, its peak population being 690 in 1980, and it has generally declined since then, but by only about a hundred people.



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