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Situated on the North Dakota border in Norman County, in northwestern Minnesota, the small city of Hendrum is a Red River Valley town, between the Red River of the North and the Wild Rice River. Its population has been relatively stable, in the three hundreds, since the 1910 census, its peak population being 355 in 1910, while its lowest population has been 305 in 1960. The town was laid out in 1881, and named for Hedrum, a parish in Vestfold County, Norway. The city is served by US Route 75, Minnesota Highway 25, and County Road 106. Nearby communities include Anthony, Hadler, Halstad and Perley, in Minnesota, as well as the North Dakota localities of Gardner, Grandin and Kelso. Fargo, North Dakota is thirty miles south, Grand Forks, North Dakota is sixty miles north, and Mahnomen, Minnesota is forty-five miles east of Hendrum.



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