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Situated in southeastern Saint Louis County, in northeastern Minnesota, near the tip of Lake Superior, the city of Hermantown is a suburb of Duluth. The area was settled in 1867, when August Kohlts and Lambert Acker, both Prussian immigrants, filed for homesteads there, in what is now the Five Corners Road area. Working in Duluth, they traveled between Duluth and their homesteads on a Native American trail that would later become Piedmont Avenue and Hermantown Road. The area was lightly populated until just before World War II, when a new wave of homsteaders moved to the area with promises of subsistence homesteads, designed to move people from the cities to places where they could grow their own food during the depression years. The Jackson Project, completed in 1937, consisted of single-family homes built to be subsistence homesteads, each with a brick veneer farmhouse, and many with a garage-barn combination, and set on ten acres. Many of these homes are still in use, although improved upon. Hermantown was incorporated as a city in 1975, and absorbed the community of Adolph, in the southwestern corner of the city. Hermantown is served by US Highway 53, Minnesota Highway 194, and County Road 13, as well as several local roads. Duluth borders the city on the east, while Proctor and West Duluth are on the south. Other nearby communities include Arnold, Esko, Harney, Munger, and Twig, in Minneapolis, as well as Superior, Wisconsin, across the St. Louis Bay.


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