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Located in Isanti County, the city of Isanti is in central-eastern Minnesota. The chief routes through the city include Minnesota Highway 65 and County Road 5. Nearby communities include Bradford, Blomford, Bodum, Cambridge, Edgewood, Oxlip, and Stanley. Minneapolis is about forty miles south of Isanti. Originally, Isanti was situated about three miles north of the current town site, which is now known as Old Isanti, a settlement that dates back to the 1860s. Edward and Albert Norelius moved their store building to the new site, in southwestern Isanti Township, in 1899. Wilfred D. Oleson arrived to build a new store that same year, and he and his wife stayed with the Norelius family while the construction was underway. Topics related to either the township or the city are appropriate for this category.


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