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Jackson, Minnesota is the county seat of Jackson County, in the lower part of the state, near the Iowa border. The chief routes through the city are Interstate Highway 90 and US Highway 71. Nearby communities include Alpha, Lakefield, Okabena, Petersburg, and Sherburn, as well as the Iowa localities of Orleans and Superior. Spirit Lake, Iowa is less than twenty miles south of Jackson. When the settlement was first laid out in 1856, it was known as Springfield. During the winter of 1857, the village was attacked by a group of Indians, who killed seven and wounded three settlers. The remaining settlers left for Fort Dodge, fearing a renewed attack. Two months later, while the area was still depopulated, the state legislature created Jackson County, and renamed the village Jackson, designating it as the county seat. Nevertheless, resettlement was slow because settlers still feared the Indians. In 1862, a Sioux attack led to the community again becoming depopulated until after the Civil War, and a stockade was built on Thomas Hill, manned by the Army. Today, Jackson is largely an agricultural community, although it does have some industry. Since its peak population of 3,797 in 1980, Jackson’s population has declined each census year, although its population remains above three thousand.



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