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The city of Jeffers is in Amboy Township, Cottonwood County, in southwestern Minnesota. The chief routes through the city are Minnesota Highway 30 and County Road 4, although US Highway 71 is just east of the city. Storden is west of Jeffers and Delft is southeast. Westbrook is about twelve miles west, and Windom and Sanborn are about fifteen miles south and north, respectively. Incorporated as a village in 1899, Jeffers was platted by the Inter-State Land Company, and named for George Jeffers, a local landowner. The village was created as a stop along the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, its first depot being in a box car. A post office was established in Jeffers in 1900. A north-south street near the center of the city is named Courthouse Avenue because Jeffers was expected to be designated the county seat, but nearby Windom was chosen instead. Other early streets were named for employees of the Peavey Elevator, which was one of the early businesses in Jeffers. The Jeffers Petroglyphs, with pre-contact Native American markings, were named for their proximity to Jeffers, but they are several miles northeast of Jeffers.



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