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The city of Kasota is in Kasota Township, Le Sueur County, Minnesota. Kasota is roughly halfway between Mankato and St. Peter, on the eastern side of the Minnesota River, the center of the city being about two miles north of the Kasota Prairie, a designated Scientific and Natural Area. The chief routes through the city is Minnesota Highway 22, while US Highway 169 is nearby, on the western side of the Minnesota River. The city of St. Peter is just north of Kasota, while other nearby communities include Cleveland, Marysburg, Nicollet, North Star, Oshawa, and Traverse. The community was platted in 1855. An important industry throughout much of the city's history was the Babcock Company, a limestone company that operated from the 1880s to the 1980s, when the company filed for bankruptcy and was acquired by the Vetter Stone Company, which expanded the business, but moved its plant to a place just outside of Mankato. Stone mined from the Kasota quarry was the primary stone used in the construction of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. A door manufacturing company now occupies the former Babcock plant, while the Kasota quarry is in the hands of Unimin Corporation, which is mining silica sand there for fracking. The city's population has had some ups and downs, but has been relatively stable since 1890.



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