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Kensington is a small city in southwestern Douglas County, Minnesota. The chief routes through the city is Minnesota Highway 55 and County Road 1, which intersect in Kensington. Along Highway 55, Hoffman is northwest of the city, while Farwell is southeast. Other nearby communities include Holmes City and Lowry. Fergus Falls is about forty-five miles northwest. The community was formed in 1886, when land was purchased for the construction of a railroad through the area. The land that Kensington was built on was owned by Peter and Anna Greta Johnson, who had bought it from Nils Ristburg, an early homesteader. In 1886, Johnson sold a strip of land running diagonally through his farm to the Minneapolis and Pacific Railroad to be used for the track and, a few months later, he sold another portion of the farm to the Pacific Land Company, who had the area platted for businesses and residential house lots. Incorporated as a village in October of 1891, the town was named for Kensington Gardens in England. In 1898, Olof Ohman, a Swedish immigrant, claimed to have discovered a 202-pound stone covered in runes dating to the 14th century, thought to have been a record left behind by Scandinavian explorers in the 1362, but many scholars have classified it as a hoax. The Kensington Runestone is in a museum in nearby Alexandria, Minnesota. The town has had some years of population decline since the 1950s, but its population has been in the 200s and 300s consistently since 1900.



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