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The city of Lake Shore is on the northwestern shores of Gull Lake in Cass County, Minnesota. One of the earliest inhabitants of the area were the Mound Builders, who were in the area until about 1840, and some of their burial mounds were found in Lake Shore. Other major Native American tribes who lived in the area were the Sioux, who were later driven from the area by the Ojibwa. Before white settlers came to the region, explorers and trappers spent time in the area. The earliest white settlers came for farm land and hunting opportunities. In 1880, Charles A. Pillsbury established the Gull River Lumber Company, and built a sawmill west of Brainerd. Before long, the tall timber surrounding the lake was cut and, in 1889, the railroad laid narrow-gauge tracks from the landing at Gilpatrick Lake in order to transport logs to market. All of the timber was harvested by 1894, and the tracks were removed. Soon, log cabins were built to accommodate summer tourists who came to enjoy the lakes and forests, and these were followed resorts of various sizes. Gambling was legal in Minnesota at the time, so the larger resorts began installing slot machines, and night clubs were established that also had slots. In recent years, most of the resorts have disappeared, replaced by privately owned homes. Nearly all of the available shoreline has been developed, and lots that had previously been considered undesirable have homes on them, including property removed from the lake. Lake Shore is primarily a residential community, with little industry or businesses, as highway improvements have made it easy for residents to commute to workplaces elsewhere. Its population has increased each census year since 1960. Nisswa is less than five miles east, Pequot Lakes is ten miles north, and Breezy Point and Brainerd are about ten miles northeast and south respectively.



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