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Situated south of downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the city of Lakeville, in Dakota County, Minnesota, is a suburb of the Twin Cities region. As implied by its name, the city contains several lakes, the largest being Lake Marion and Orchard Lake, as well as small ponds and wetlands. A branch of the Vermillion River flows through the city, emptying into the Mississippi River at the Wisconsin border, and North Creek begins its flow in northern Lakeville, emptying into the Vermillion east of Lakeville. The chief routes passing through the city are Interstate Highway 35 and Minnesota Highway 77. Nearby communities include Apple Valley, Argonne, Credit River, Deer Park, Elko, Eureka Center, and Farmington. The community of Lakeville owes its origins in 1853 when Captain William B. Dodd came to serve the military forts in the Minnesota Territory, constructing a road connecting the forts in Saint Paul to the southern forts. The road, named for Captain Dodd after he was killed in the Sioux uprising of 1862, bisects the current city of Lakeville. Not long after the road was built, J.J. Brackett, who transported mail and supplies along the route, chose Lakeville as a good site for a town because it was about halfway between Saint Paul and Saint Peter. In 1855, Brackett platted the town. When the Hastings and Dakota Railroad was constructed, railroad officials tried to buy land in Lakeville for a depot. As the owner refused to sell, the railroad purchased land a half mile east, built a rail platform and name it Fairfield. Before long, most of Lakeville’s businesses had moved from the original site to Fairfield, and nine years later Fairfield’s name was changed to Lakeville, which was incorporated as a village in 1878, and a city in 1967. Until 1960, the town’s population was under a thousand but it has increased substantially each census year since.


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