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The city of Lamberton is in southern Redwood County, Minnesota. US Highway 14 is an east-west route through the city, connecting Lamberton with Springfield to the east and Revere to the west. Other nearby communities include Clements, Sanborn, Tracy, Walnut Grove, and Wanda. Marshall is about forty miles northwest. When white traders and trappers first came to the area, it was covered with four-foot tall prairie grasses, and Native Americans fished and trapped on the banks of the Cottonwood River. Under the Homestead Act of 1862, anyone twenty-one years old or older could file for a claim on 160 acres of land, and veterans of the Civil War could deduct their years of service from the five years that a homesteader would otherwise have to reside on the land. Early homesteaders came by horse or oxen, and the same animals were used to plow the fields. A post office was established there in 1873, and Lamberton was incorporated as a village in 1879, and separated from the township in 1891. The town had a station of the Chicago and North Western Railway and the Winona and St. Peter Railroad, and the town was named for Henry Wilson Lamberton, a railroad official. Other than an increase in population during the 1970s, the population of Lamberton has been in declione since 1960. Its peak population was 1,208 in 1950.



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