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Le Center is in the center of Le Sueur County, Minnesota, for which it serves as the county seat. Minnesota Highways 99 and 112 are the chief routes through the city, and Le Center is about twenty-six miles from Mankato and sixty-two miles from Minneapolis. Nearby communities include Cleveland, Cordova, Heidelberg, Kasota, Le Sueur, Lexington, Lonsdale, Millersburg, Montgomery, Ottawa, Shieldsville, St. Henry, St. Thomas, St. Peter, and Wheatland. Le Sueur County was among the first counties established along the Minnesota River by the Minnesota Territory, and the earliest settlements within the county were along the river, which was a navigable stream, the first being Kasota, Le Sueur, and Ottawa. In the 1850s, a large number of immigrants began coming into the area from the east, both Americans and foreign immigrants. Later immigrants began taking up lands away from the river and, by 1860, most of the towns that are currently in the county had been established. However, the center of the county was yet without any substantial settlement. Roads connecting one town to another were difficult, consisting of muddy paths through the woods. Being the largest town, Le Sueur was designated the county seat, but it was in the northwest corner of the county, and people from other parts of the county found it difficult to get there. After several failed attempts by other towns to be designated the seat of government, Le Center was created specifically for that purpose. Originally named Le Sueur Center, its name was later shortened to reduce confusion with the already established town of Le Sueur.



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