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The city of LeRoy is in southeastern Mower County, Minnesota, surrounded by Le Roy Township. The Upper Iowa River flows through the northern and eastern portions of the city. Topics related to either the City of LeRoy or the Le Roy Township are appropriate for this category. The city is concentrated along Minnesota Highway 56, at the Iowa border. Nearby communities include Adams, Etna, Johnsburg, Ostrander, Taopi, and York, in Minnesota, as well as the Iowa towns of Chester, Lime Springs, McIntire, and Meyer. Named for Le Roy, New York, the home town of an early settler, Le Roy was founded on Lake Louise, through which the Upper Iowa River flows, a neighborhood now known as Old Town. However, when the McGregor & Western Railway laid out a new town site in 1867, its business moved to be near the railroad. Originally named Le Roy, the city's name was later shortened to one word by removing the space, while Le Roy Township has retained its original spelling. With minor increases and decreases, the city’s population has remained fairly stable 1950, its peak population being 971 in 1960.


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