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Lino Lakes, Minnesota is an outer suburb of the Twin Cities in Anoka County. The chief routes through the city are Interstate Highway 35-W and 35-E. Nearby communities include Forest Lake, Hugo, White Bear Township, Shoreview, Circle Pines, Lexington, Blaine, Ham Lake, and Columbus, while Centerville is an enclave entirely surrounded by Lino Lakes. Rice Creek flows through the city, and the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Regional Park Reserve is also within its limits. Several lakes are within the city limits, including George Watch Lake, Peltier Lake, Centerville Lake, Marshan Lake, Rice Lake, Amelia Lake, Wards Lake, Sherman Lake, Reshanau Lake, and most of Rondeau Lake and Otter Lake, while Bald Eagle Lake, Poplar Lake and Baldwin Lake are just outside the city. When the first white settlers arrived in the area, Native Americans were living in the area of Reshanau, Baldwin, Rice and Marshan lakes, where there was an abundance of wild rice and game. White hunters, trappers and settlers came to the area around 1850. Formed in 1857, Centerville was the first organized local government. Early settlements were arranged into loosely knit communities such as the German settlement west of the lakes, the Swedish settlement south of the lakes, and the French settlement east of the lakes. In the 1950s, neighboring villages began annexing land from Centerville Township and, to avoid further losses, the residents incorporated into a village. Several names were proposed, and most of them included the word “lakes.” Although no one knows where the word “Lino” came from, a Lino post office operated there for about ten years in the late 1800s. The new town board chose to name the village Lino Lakes, and it was incorporated in 1955, and included all of the original Centerville Township with the exception of the Village of Centerville. In 1972, all Minnesota villages were changed to cities. Since 1960, the population of Lino Lakes has increased dramatically each census year.



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