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Long Lake, Minnesota is in Hennepin County. Situated on the southern shores of the lake for which the city was named, Long Lake is adjacent to Orono on the west, and only about three miles from Wayzata on the east, and the same distance from Medina to the north. US Highway 12 and County Road 112 are the main roads through the city. The Flemings and George Knettles arrived in the area in 1855, creating the first settlement, first known as Cumberland Town for the Pennsylvania hometown of its first settlers. Before long, the new settlement had a saw mill, a general store, and a school house. A post office was established in 1856, and named Tamarack. In the early years, The Chippewa inhabited the area where the cemetery is now located, which was then known as Teepee Hill. Two area settlers informed the Dakota of the location of the Chippewa settlement, which prompted the Chippewa to leave as the two tribes were not on good relations, and the hill was acquired by Bradford Wakefield, and then purchased by the Union Cemetery Association in 1861. The railroad reached Long Lake in 1868. From the 1890s to the early 1900s, strawberry and raspberry production was important to the economy of the area. Mark Dayton, the 40th governor of Minnesota, was raised in Long Lake.



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