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Longville, Minnesota is in Cass County, about four hours north of the Twin Cities. Minnesota Highway 84 is the main route through the city, while Minnesota Highway 200 is nearby. Situated along the north and western banks of Girl Lake, and just south of Long Lake and Boxell Lake, the city is in the southern part of the Chippewa National Forest. Other nearby lakes include Bullhead Lake, Carnahan Lake, Cooper Lake, Gijik Lake, Heffron Lake, Jack Lake, Little Boy Lake, Rice Lake, Shurd Lakes, Swede Lake, Tamarack Lake, and the much larger Woman Lake, many of which are connected. Given its geographical location, the city’s economy is largely seasonal and recreational, with several summer camps and homes along the lakes. Inguadona is east of Longville and Wabedo is south. Prior to the arrival of European-Americans, the area was populated by a succession of Native American tribes. The Ojibwe moved to the area from the Great Lakes region, pushing out the Dakotas. Longville began as a logging town in 1906, although fishing has always been popular. In the 1900s, people began coming to the area for fishing, hunting and water sports. Until the 1920s, all of the roads coming to the area were dirt. Many of the cabins in and around Longville were built in the late 1960s and 1970s, and Longville was almost fully developed by the 1980s, and it has changed very little since reaching its peak population of 224 in 1990.


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