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Madison Lake is in northeast Blue Earth County, in lower Minnesota. The small town is nearly surrounded by lakes, chiefly its namesake, Madison Lake, but also Duck lake, Ballantyne lake, and Gilfillin Lake, as well as other smaller bodies of water. The chief routes through the town is Minnesota Highway 60, while US Route 14 is nearby. Nearby localities include Banning, Eagle Lake, Greenland, Janesville, Lake Elysian, Marysburg, and Smiths Mill. Mankato Is about fifteen miles west of Madison Lake. The land upon which the town lies was granted to Rodger Wells, Jr. in 1858. Prior to that time, the Native Americans referred to the area as Waukensika. Government surveyors named some of the larger lakes for United States presidents, including Madison Lake, for which the town was later named. From the start, the lakes attracted tourists to the area, although the land also yielded rich farmland and forest resources. Copananing Hotel, Lake House Hotel, and Point Pleasant Resorts were there before the town was formed. In 1885, Lewis and Margaret Fitcher acquired the land and, in 1892, Madison Lake was incorporated, and included the earlier platted Point Pleasant town site, and became the Village of Madison Lake, becoming a city in the 1980s when Minnesota reclassified all of the state's villages as cities. In 1923, Charles Lindbergh offered $5 rides in "Jenny," his plane, in order to offset the expenses of his barnstorming. Although Madison Lake remains a small town, its population has gone down only in one census year since it became a village, that being a slight reduction in 1950, which was followed by a 33.6% increase the following census year.



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